Navigating the Subway since 1996

Select from these three sites for navigating the subways of New York City.

Google Maps Subway Map

Point-and-click routing between any two addresses

This is an updated version of the Google Maps subway map that has been available at brail.org and nyroute.com. It uses offical GTFS data from the MTA. Works on Android, iPhone, and iPad too.

Routing Form

Simple form-based routing

Routing in a simple web form, for use on small mobile devices.

Java Subway Map

Small, fast routing between two stations

This is the same Java-based subway map that has been up and running (with some updates) since about 1996 at transarc.com and brail.org. I am no longer updating the code or the map data, but many people find this map useful and fast today.

Questions or suggestions? Mail javatransit@brail.org